Classified Moto CM185T (for Tiny)

Recently, the impressive Australian blog featured our latest completed bike — Christina Cairo’s Honda Twinstar. They pretty much give the full story behind it, but it makes sense to have it on our own blog, too, I suppose.

Some time ago, broadcast producer extraordinaire Christina got the urge to go two-wheelin’ right about the time our friends Rex and Norma were selling their pet project Honda. Arrangements were made, and the bike stayed in the family. And we made it our own pet project. Little by little we got to work cutting, unbolting, mixing and matching, until suddenly — a year later — we were finished.

Fittingly, as I write this, Christina is completing Day 2 of her M-Class license course. By 5pm she’ll be legal to hit the streets on her elegant Tiny Moto.

The bike started life as a faux cruiser that was visually ahead of its time. And by that I mean that even though it was a 1978 model, it looked very “eighties”. We swapped out the wheels for 18-inchers front and rear to give it a level stance. Then we removed everything that didn’t need to be there. The tank was snagged from an old Suzuki dirt bike and nickel plated to prevent rust. After some waffling on color, we decided to do a copper stripe on top of the tank. Worked out nicely and matches the seat crafted by our friend Roy Baird.

There are lots of little bits of personality on this diminutive moto, including a quick release nickel-plated basket that incorporates an old Cypress Gardens water ski. The taillight is made from a stainless steel fishing rod holder that I snatched from my ancient Aquasport before it went to boat heaven…

What this one lacks in power, it definitely makes up for in character. We’re psyched that it’s going to Miss Cairo. —JR




  • Wes


    10 out of 10. I love every little touch - from the combination of the nickel plating and copper stripe on the tank, to the wooden base of the rear basket and the "CM" logo on the front :) Oh, and the perforated side covers are pure genius.

  • Classified Moto


    Thanks, Wes. Glad you like it! It's a totally different kind of fun riding this one. The only thing missing is a funny "ahh-ooh-gahh" horn. —JR

  • Wes


    I'm sure it's tons of fun - what it lacks in displacement, it makes up for in personality :)

  • maria


    I want one. How much? This is the perfect size for me and I love the look and simplicity!

  • Classified Moto


    Hi, Maria. Glad you like the bike! On our scale it's a Level One (least expensive) starting around $6K. In most cases, we break up the cost into three equal payments spread across the build so it's as painless as possible. Let us know if we can build you one! — John

  • HUGH


    A work of art - absolutely superb ............ very crispy indeed ..

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  • Fin


    Simple but very nice. I want to know what size wheels and tires that you use? Thanks a lot ;]

  • glen


    Great build- I have my original bike- a 79 model CM. It never left me ( as has a ton of others) I have plans for it and managed to snag a soares CM.. I like what you did and plan on a nice little build up.. First off- Need to source larger wheels.. Thanks for the inspiration

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