Road trip, Europe. Who’s with us?


Last year, in the barely-equipped home base of Classified Moto, we re-designed and built six or so groovy motorbikes in the hours when we weren’t writing commercials, or teaching high school or photographing tires and pasta salad. And often having a crew of less than two, I consider each of those bikes to be a small miracle.

Still, though, in painful moments the bony finger of opinion pokes us in the chest and reminds us of our missteps. Maybe we didn’t build our bikes the way a real builder would have. Or we didn’t build enough of them. Or maybe we lingered too long on something that was not a motorcycle (a lamp/poster/road trip, for example). But as you know, unless you’re a Chesapeake Bay lump backfin crabcake with very little breading and a lemon wedge, you can’t make everyone happy.

And so, I hereby announce our next great adventure and give my word that we will try our best not to let it interfere with Classifying motos.

IMAGINE A YEAR FROM NOW… five or six of us from CM fly across the pond with a small allowance of cash and a taste for adventure. We buy some cheap motorcycles and spend a week or so preparing them for an epic trek across Europe.

Kindred spirits along the way saddle up and join our adventure as our pack of motley motos grows to conspicuous proportions. We eat, drink and laugh our way across the continent for thousands of kilometers.

When the trip comes to a close, we auction our bikes off in a public square and donate the money to an orphanage.

Then we say our goodbyes and part ways.

The whole trip would be captured on video and edited upon our return as a documentary available on and elsewhere.

Can you imagine the fun we would have?

NEXT WEEK we’ll start rounding up sponsors, but the first order of business is getting the word out to all our European friends from Facebook, Twitter and this site. Respond in the comments here or email me if you’d like to be part of it in any way. Whether you have a shop where we can prep the bikes, a barn we can sleep in or maybe you just want to join the ride, let us know and we’ll put you on an email list to keep you posted.

I know this sounds a bit ambitious, but we haven’t stopped surprising ourselves yet. And no matter how much we love building bikes, this kind of thing is what Classified Moto is really about. There’s no use resisting. It’s inevitable.

What do you say? — JR



  • Jeremy Snyder


    Ahoy, I'm a sound recordist and amateur bike builder and would absolutely love to join you on this trip, utilizing my skills for this documentary. I would love to speak with you more about the logistics. I know some videographers too but perhaps it might be cool to find some professionals amongst the Classified Moto gang? Look forward to hearing from you.Jeremy

  • Chris Witham


    Hi John,Sounds like an awesome idea and I'd like to be part of it! So count me in and a few of my mates quite possibly.I'd like to somehow make my part of the ride, hopefully the whole thing, sponsored for a charity I think do amazing work. It would be pretty cool if all taking part were doing it to raise money for needy causes as that is your end goal anyway with the orphanage.I design and develop websites for a living so if you need one for this project I may have something I've been working on that could be used for this, up to you, give me a shout if you're interested.I think this has the potential to be an amazing ride,Take care,Chris

  • Zoran Popovici


    If you wish to reach the far est part of Europe, more exactly Romania and it`s wild natural scenary and one of the best mountain roads as stated on BBC`s Top Gear show, I can help you with my small garage and a nice place to sleep. Maybe you can start for this part of EU and ride west to Spain. Off road riding is my favorit but I can join you on the asphalt too. Zoran

  • Jérôme Pierre


    I say: fantastic!Here is my email address: contact@unpneudanslatombe.comIf, by chance, you consider passing not too far from my home, in the north of France, I'd be very happy to join you for a few hundred kilometers.Maybe through the Ardennes?(See: / &;]

  • Harald


    I want to be part of it in any way ;-)Just come close enough to Austria and I will gladly join your ranks.redaktion [at] 2wheels [dot] cc

  • Robert Bräutigam


    Woah, sounds nice. If you people are anyway near southwestern germany (somewhere in between Frankfurt/Main and Stuttgart, or even eastern France/Alsace) I would love to join you for a ride. Given that I was able to fix my 1982 Yamaha SR500 gearbox until then, of course ;)

  • Chris Czel


    I’m in. Fair hand with a video camera

  • Steve


    For some inspiration go to YouTube and search "Top Gear Vietnam". It is in 2 parts, but worth every moment. It doesn't matter if it's done on a $25,000 Harley or a $50 clapped out moped. It's all about the experience.

  • Aeron Hawlk


  • Miguel


    Hello, i found your blog right now and i like it. I go read it. Congratulations.

  • Untitled Motorcycles


    Hey John,That sounds like a great idea. If you need any help please let us know at Untitled Motorcycles. We work out of a small shop in Camden London. Cheers Adam

  • Joel Kilby


    What a completely RAD idea!

  • Ju


    such a great and exciting idea...please add me to the email list and let me know your organization. I have several contacts in France, Belgium and Italy, if I can help, even just for a translation, it will be such a pleasure!Cheers guys, and congrats for the work done

  • Jon Skinner


    I like your big idea and your bikes!!I can usually help in some way so keep me posted.Keep the FaithSkin

  • drøn


    I live in Copenhagen. Let me know if there's anything I can help with.-jonasjkarstensbrandt at gmail dot com

  • Henry Fletcher


    Hey guys i'm in London, come ride.

  • Emy


    Hi i'm from italy and if you come here u can be your perfect guide!keep me posted

  • Scott


    This is an amazing idea, and one that so many of us have, but rarely do. I hope you get this off the ground. While I don't live in Europe, I will be looking forward to seeing all the things you see, vicariously through your documentary.Ride safe!

  • Brian Murray


    Hi JRSounds like a hoot and I'd love to be part of it in some way. From the comments above it looks like you won't be limited for choices....I noticed someone from Romania responded and I've heard good things about the roads out there.Me....I'm from Scotland and the roads here were planned and constructed by motorcyclists (some of them anyway), but I could list a dozen places in Europe where I know the roads are worth seeking out (to say nothing of the folks you'll meet on the way).Access to a workshop here shouldn't be too difficult (my brother owns a motorbike shop and workshop). Whatever you choose keep me posted and lets see what pans out.Keep it between the dykes!

  • John Ryland


    Hello everyone!Huge things are happening around here lately and I'm more excited about this trip than ever. If you responded and are interested in participating, please make sure I have your email address so I can keep you informed. You can email me at We're working on getting it aired on US television at the moment. Could be amazing. Thanks again for all the responses! We can't wait until we're over there hanging out with you all. Stay tuned. — JR

  • cabi3


    go ahead, and bodge your way to britain while your at it.

  • Alexis Lopes


    Hey man, I would like to join the squad. I can even prepare the route in Portugal and be the guide! Just let me know what do you need and when are you planning to come! What about a visit where the Porto Wine it's made, and a special red wine trip? We can visit the 2 major cities, O´porto and Lisbon or just have a ride at one of the niciest bike roads in Europe, ( south) !! Glad to help,

  • Miguel


    Like Alexis Lopez said, Portugal is waiting for you.Come on!Miguel

  • Ian @ Xenophya


    Always welcome to stick your head in at 'Xenophya Towers' in leafy Northumberland if you make it this far north.

  • mike


    hey guys -if not afraid - joking;) - you are welcome in Poland :) need any help - email me or call +48 662 670 775 would be nice to see you and get some tips how to start working on my Jawa y.1948 as my experience with restoration and tuning is ..hmm none :) hope to see you

  • Jérôme Pierre


    Haha !Good luck with your Jawa Mike.If Poland wasn't too far for me, given my current obligations, it'd be a pleasure to have a look at your project, even if my experience isn't more valuable than yours.;]

  • benrittenhouse


    i love it. Its the kind of thing you tell your grandkids about. good luck!

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