Top Gear, a new website and a bunch of bikes


The Classified Moto ball has been rolling along at an alarming rate, hence the long delay in making a post here. I’m giving myself 10 minutes to call out some of the larger happenings between now and the holidays.

The December issues of both Top Gear Magazine (UK) and Playboy Magazine (US) will be running articles on Classified Moto. Booyah? Yes, booyah. Top Gear has 2.5 million subscribers in the UK with another 500,000 newsstand copies, and who knows what Playboy’s numbers are like. One thing is for sure, if you want a moto lamp any time in the near future, get your order in now. Both mags are slated to hit stands very soon. Playboy hits the press today. Lookout.

What about bikes? Well, Christina’s “Tiny Moto” Honda CM185T (above) has finally come to life. And Scott at just posted the full Adam Ewing photoset on his fine website. Check the pics out HERE.

Timothy McClellan’s “P.K. Ripper”-inspired XS650 sits waiting for a few key parts due in this week, and will start to snowball shortly thereafter. I’m trying my best to get his bike to him “while it’s still warm enough to ride”. Got cold here quick, though.

Other builds in progress are an XV1100 coming along nicely, an old GS750, a CB750F, Brant Shalikashvili’s Nighthawk 250 city bike, Mondial Creative’s KZ1000 and the most excessive XS yet, Eric’s Eleven. Needless to say, until we start knocking down walls and hiring an army of techs, we’re pretty much at our limit. I have a couple of build proposals out at the moment, but we’ll be cutting off orders before the end of the year until we get caught up. If you think you want a Classified Moto of your own, read our Build Inquiries Post and let us know soon. Once we stop taking orders, we’ll implement some kind of waiting list. Stay tuned for that.

And last, but certainly not least, we’re launching a new website any day now. The folks at Big River Advertising here in Richmond, have done a killer job pulling all our scattered stuff together into one great site. There will no doubt be some growing pains as we transfer, update, troubleshoot and optimize, but it’ll be worth it. This blog will remain up and running, but it will also be incorporated into the new site, as will a full gallery of all the Classified Moto bikes and adventures from the last year. Stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for more on the launch.

There’s more, but my 10 minutes are way up. —JR


  • Mksim


    Congrats ! wow

  • Dan Ainge


    Would love to see what you're doing with that 750F.

  • ...scott


    Awesome, man! But I was thinking: What are the chances of a CM floor lamp? I have a need... :)

  • _dan


    Congrats CM! It's been a blast to watch you guys grow. Keep it up and we'll keep supporting you.

  • willie


    Hey Guys. I just stumbled upon your web site. Congratulations on your success. I have a really hard time trying to read the text on your site with the white type over the geaphic display of the engine on the bike. you might try reading it yourself and please tell me I am wrong in my efforts. Good luck and keep up the excelent builds. I am in Richmond,VA as well and would love to see your shop in person. Looking for a winter project to build as well. Thanks for a response.

  • admin


    Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up. Much appreciated.

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