• lon vining


    I am interested in purchasing a lamp for my daughter - can you please advise me on the purchase price and whether you are able to deliver to Canada? Thank you

  • Classified Moto


    Hi there. Yes we ship to Canada. Best way to purchase is to visit our online store: and choose one you like. Price for the standard Japanese parts lamp is $199 USD. If you're trying to get it in time for the holiday, email me at and we'll calculate rush shipping for you. Thanks! JR

  • julio


    hi there i would like to know if you can make a bike like XV920 RV. liked it alot and wanted one just like it.

  • Classified Moto


    We can make you one that's very close to that one provided we can find another XV920R to build out. Very few of them were imported (chain drive model) and they're becoming scarce. We have two in house now, but they are already set aside for customers. Email me if you want to talk about a build. Thanks! JR

  • linus


    i why can you not ship to Denmark?? :-( I want to buy a lamp

  • Classified Moto


    We do! We just hadn't calculated shipping yet. We'll add Denmark in the next hour or so. If you send me your email address I'll send you a link when it's up. Thanks :)

  • Chris Cross


    I really like the "reciprocity" bike. Any chance to have one built like it? Price? Time frame? Thanks

  • brogdawg


    what do you use for the metal screen/grate that covers the battery area on the XS? been looking at home improvement stores but haven't found anything very similar...

  • Classified Moto


    It's fairly heavy gauge perforated steel. To get the exact stuff we use, you'll probably have to go to a metal supplier (the kind you'd find in an industrial park, etc.) and see if they have any "drops" (leftover pieces). Pick me up some while there :) JR

  • suzukirob


    Hi ,just like to tell you that you build some pretty great bikes. But I guess you already know that. I'm not going to ask you to build a bike for me ,I'll do that myself. Just letting you know you've got me ''moto''vated to go out to the garage again ...thanks. Keep it up.

  • Lucas


    Team Classified Moto, you guys are amazing! Where's your 'Pin' button?

  • Classified Moto


    Thanks! We're doing some maintenance this week and we'll be sure to add that and a couple other things :)

  • Andrew


    What kind of helmet is that in the JR & Yamasaki picture?

  • Randy Hooker


    John, your site looks great. Love what you're doing. I just sent a couple of enthusiasts your way. Hope you're doing well.

  • Classified Moto


    If it's a white one, it's a 1982 Lazer from Belgium. NOS on eBay for about $30 as I recall...

  • Mark Rinkking


    Hi! Cool bikes you guys make..! Im planning on rebuilding a Yam XV750 myself, may I ask you guys; where is that tank that u guys used on your XV-R6 bike originally off? I need to find one somewhere over here... Thanks! Mark, holland

  • Andrew


    Where do I find the single side swing arm ?

  • Aaron Gurvich


    Hey guys, love what you're doing at Moto Classified. Do you do builds for people based in Australia? Aaron. Melbourne.

  • Raul Muniz


    Hi, i was woundering what model of front forks and triple clamp did you use for the 1979 kz 650 d2 build. Honestly it looks amazing and i have one myself, thinking about making the change.

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