Classified Moto XV920R (1982)

This lovable machine started as a conversation with Bob Ranew of North Carolina. It seems Bob had seen the “Reciprocity” movie bike we built for director Sunny Zhao and was inspired to have us build something in the same family. The bike evolved a great deal along the way and together we came up with something we’re all really proud of.

The bike was our second to be featured on the premiere vintage and custom moto blog Bike EXIF where it was a big hit. Here’s the skinny on the build…

We took a rather well-kept 1982 XV920R and with much pain and suffering, performed not only our signature sportbike front end swap, but the rear as well — both off very late model Yamahas (YZF R6-R front and R6-S rear). Maxum Machine here in Richmond fabbed up a custom front sprocket/spacer to cope with the increased offset of the rear sprocket and wheel, now sporting a big fat 180mm tire. We stripped off many pounds of 1980′s-style funk from the nerdy looking cruiser, keeping it to a noticeably trim fighting weight.

We opted for top mounted hooligan bars over clip-ons after a lot of waffling by all parties. In the end, we can’t imagine what could be better. When you ride this thing, it feels like some kind of experimental weapon, like G.I. Joe’s personal assault bike. It’s a romping, stomping, elbows-up kind of thing. Pure fun.

Bob has taken it home to North Carolina, and it will be sorely missed. Hopefully visitation can be arranged. Before long we hope to film it in action, so stay tuned for more from the XVCMXX.


  • ackerman


    if i ever get a bike, it's going to be this one. so badass.

  • wangbig


    like this bike. so goood.

  • Nando


    What kind of handlebars are those... and do you make/sell them?

  • Classified Moto


    I believe those bars came off an old Honda CM, but I don't think they were stock. They're basically Euro or Superbike bars but made of aluminum. Pretty widely available on eBay and the like. Search "superbike bars" and that will get you in the ballpark. and might carry them as well.

  • Waynesworth


    I know you guys are super busy but if you take a look at this could you tell me how you sealed your tanks since most of them are exposed metal? Your work is great! Keep it up and can't wait to see the future builds. Thanks.

  • Waynesworth


    I actually just read on that this particular bike was nickel plated. But, for any of your other bikes that are actually bare metal could you inform me of what you seal your tanks with. Thanks again.

  • Scott Pargett


    I'm revisting this build. I absoultely love it. You really knocked it out of the park. It's everything that everything else gets faked, but the real deal. Unique, classic, raw, cool, beautiful, and most importantly high performance. Truly the best of both worlds. The mono shocked R6 swing arm really sent it home. A nice set of GSXR forks or whatever on a vintage bike is common, but with suspension it's near worthless with a vintage rear. As they say, only as good as your weakest link.

  • Flatline


    Awesome bike! Nice stance and great trim! What kind of tank did you use? A stock one, or did you build it from scratch? Greetings.

  • Rick Forristall


    Can you email me and tell me where you purchased the electronic speedometer/tach for this build? I have a 2011 Triumph Bonneville SE that has both speedometer and tach and I'm wanting to get a minimalist look for the 'dashboard'. I've been looking for something like this. Is there something special to consider when installing it? Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Jairo


    as I can have a bike like this? where I can buy and how much it would cost?

  • Classified Moto » Can’t complain


    [...] Honda projects that will be tons of fun. We’ll soon be shipping the twin of Bob Ranew’s XV920R to Biker’s Cafe in Dubai. And we continue to explore new non-rolling designs — moto lamps, [...]

  • Jose Rodriguez


    How much would a duplicate cost?

  • Tulio


    Hello Can you teel me from which bike is this frame? An the brand of the rear tyre? Can answer by e-mail. tanks

  • Classified Moto


    The frame is a modified Yamaha XV920R (1982). The rear tire is a Dunlop D616 180/55-17. —JR

  • Timothy Tippins


    Where is that digital cluster from!?

  • Justin


    Hi i own a virago xv920 same bike but maybe a year or two newer... purchased for 500 running in decent condition. how much did you guys have total in the bike you did when everything was all said and done? that is the coolest virago build i have ever seen and would love to duplicate it. I know the forks are 06 or newer R6 which go for an astounding 800 something on ebay... how much custom fabrication was required? Or were you able to find some parts off other bikes and make them work for this one? also really like the reciprocity build. peace

  • Blake


    Hey i was wondering if you had to swap the stem out of the triple trees, between your r6 set up and the old xv's. Great build by the way. I was also wondering what year of r6

  • Classified Moto


    Yes, that's how we do it. The R6R front end is a 2010 model I think. But any of them will work nicely. We offer a triple tree swap service, by the way. It let's you bolt on newer forks to older bikes if you're interested. Glad you like the bike!

  • Classified Moto


    The gauge is an Acewell unit, available from for about $200. Great product!

  • Justin


    I've been trying to find a xv920r and can't seem to. Ive done some research and all the forums that I've read say that they were only sold for about two years. How hard was it to find your donor bike?

  • Bicycle Lee


    So how much is it to do the front end swap? What exactly does it entail? Sending the entire bike to you? I've found some great candidate bikes and even some candidate front ends and swingarms. Looks as though some of the stuff has been fabbed for both parts tho. EX: where the suspension meets the swingarm. I seriously love this bike and want to do my own project version.

  • Bicycle Lee


    DUH.... I just saw the link. Sorry. How difficult is the rear end swap? If the front end swap is complicated enough to warrant offering the service, how is the rear swap?

  • Classified Moto


    Jose: This one topped out right at $16K. When we do a build, we typically accept three equal payments at the beginning, middle and end of the project. Wait time is running five to nine months at the moment. Thanks! JR

  • Classified Moto


    Justin: thanks for the inquiry. The XV920R we built sells for around $16K. Of course the labor is a big part of the cost and if you know your way around bikes, you could make one yourself. We offer a fork swap service in our online store if you decide you don't want to tackle that part of the job. The rear swingarm conversion was probably the most costly and time consuming part of the build. We try to use as many recycled parts (and bikes) as possible in our builds and we find a lot of front ends for sale used online. They can be pricey for good ones but you get what you pay for, I suppose. I can't imagine how much a front end would be from the dealership... Anyway, good luck with the project and let us know if we can help. JR

  • Vulcanlogix


    How did you cure the starter problem; pin the gear or replace the whole starter? If the latter what starter did you use?

  • admin


    We replaced the gears and starter and left engine cover with ones from a newer Virago. We basically applied Yamaha's fix.

  • Ric


    Hey guys love this bike and I really enjoyed your "Cafe racer" episode but I gotta know what tank did u use on this one its shape really makes it look tough cheers Ric

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